Eva Darling

First Impressions

Eva Darling hails from Romania and she has the distinctive European look that`s so damn attractive. She also has gorgeous blue eyes and a face pretty enough to launch a thousand ships. Her body is slim and tight and from the preview pictures it looks like I`ll be able to see all of it when I get inside. That means plenty of naughty flashing for me along with some pussy shots if I`m lucky. I like that the young beauty wants to model for us and wants to show off her sexy young body because she looks so damn good doing it.

Hot Promises

Eva`s not really sure why but she absolutely loves to show off her body and she loves being watched. It gets her hot and so she`s here in front of the camera making picture galleries and videos where apparently you get to see it all. At the very least you can see her tits, as confirmed by the pictures on the tour. Other than that nudity she promises you exclusive picture galleries and videos, multiple options for downloading the movies (including an HD version), now download restrictions and bonus sites to keep you entertained between her updates.


On the member`s main page they have the most recent content, the top rated content and the most visited content along with a few advertisements and links to the bonus sites. The design is fairly crisp and easy to use but it looks just a little bit sloppy. I can`t quite put my finger on it but there`s something that seems messy. It should have a minor impact on her stay with the site at best so don`t worry about it too much. Instead you should concentrate on check out her picture galleries and videos for the ultimate Eva Darling experience.

The first thing that caught my eye was one of the recent updates titled `My Huge Dildo.` How could you not want to check out something like that` There`s actually a picture of it on the tour and I was interested from the start. One of the things I was unsure about was whether Eva actually showed her pussy in the picture galleries and videos on her site but the dildo scene answers that question. She`s outdoors in what looks like a grassy field and she brings out this long and thick brown dildo and she just fucks her pussy with it. She pounds that hole hard and it looks awesome. The moans of pleasure coming from her pretty mouth are my favorite part.

The movies can be watched immediately in a nice Flash player or you can stream them in the less efficient WMV player. You can also download the clips at 640x480 320x240 in case you don`t want to spend all that time grabbing the DVD quality clip. The options provided are smart and easy to use and they show that the folks behind the site have thought about what`s easiest to use for members. They promise high definition video but they don`t deliver. They don`t even come close and it`s really annoying that they would just lie about that. The picture galleries are set to display at 1600px and they scale it down to an 800px version if you want it smaller. They also have a zip file for each scene with the tasty big images.

With the technical details taken care of we should move on to the actual content, which is where Eva Darling shines. She does all solo content and the cute Romanian girl looks beautiful as she strips and flashes the entirety of her naked body for your perusal and approval. I`m endlessly enchanted by her big blue eyes and I love that every set features at least a few close ups on her face so we can see just how gorgeous they are when you`re face to face with her.

As far as the picture sets go this is a pretty typical teen site. She dresses in the kind of stuff you`d expect to see: tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, etc. She wears sneakers a lot and when the striptease is over she`s naked and you can see her perky little tits, her tight tummy and her shaved pussy. She doesn`t stand apart from most teenage girls in many ways but she`s uniquely beautiful and that makes her worth your time. The fact that she gets fully naked also makes her special. Some girls don`t even show their titties but she`s happy to slide a dildo into her pussy while the camera slips between her legs and captures it all.

I find the videos to be the most entertaining part of the site. I love to see her flashing that hot pussy and playing with her little tits and more than anything I love watching as she fucks her hole with a dildo. She shoves the toy so deep inside that you`ll dream of being it and visiting her pussy for a good time. Only the luckiest fellas on the planet get to have that kind of adventure though.

The Romanian countryside is a beautiful place and as a member of Eva Darling you get to see several scenes where she is outdoors. The aforementioned huge dildo fucking scene is one and there`s another where she`s hanging out in a field with rolling hills behind her and a little village in the far distance. She does a striptease out there and once she`s naked she starts fingering her pussy trying to make the orgasm run out of her box. Stick around to see if she`s able to make it happen. In another hot solo video we see Eva with her hair in pigtails playing with her little tits and her gorgeous pussy and moaning a whole hell of a lot while she does it. I love that video.

Eva Darling updates twice a week at the moment and that should be fast enough to keep you happy. If not you have ten bonus sites you can consult and they each feature a sexy solo babe making an effort to turn you on. These girls are hot and their bodies are tight and beautiful. They know exactly how to turn a man on and they never hesitate to bring the pleasure. The girls offer all different kinds of body types and beauty but they each bring you something interesting. There are also bonus feeds you can check out for streaming hardcore content.

Croco’s Opinion

Eva Darling is a nice little site that`s growing rapidly as she continues her twice weekly update schedule. She`s a blue-eyed Romanian beauty and she revels in taking her clothes off and showing her tits and pussy to the world. She`s slim and sexy and she plays with her pussy in almost every set, including those where she shoves a toy inside and fucks it deep. The videos are DVD quality and downloadable and the picture galleries are high resolution at 1600px. The site is good all around and then there`s a bonus network of sites that will keep you happy for many months to come.


The site is easy to get around in every way.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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